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Preparing Workers Citizenship

Student Workbook

Preparing Workers Math at Work

Math Workbook - Updated 2013

Training Packet and Teacher Guide

Word Version of Teacher Guide | Select Images


Preparing Workers Reading

Teacher Guide | Workbook - Updated 2013| Reading Card Instructions | Record Sheets

Practice Cards

Download the Audio Recordings

Situational Judgement Answer Sheet

Situational Judgement Teacher Key Form 1 / Form 2 |

Situational Judgement Reading Practice Exercises Form 1/ Form 2

Preparing Workers Writing

Teacher Guide (PDF) | Workbook- Updated 2013(PDF)| Worksheets (PDF)

Teacher Guide (WORD) | Car Ad | Message | Chart | Notebook | Sergios

Online Pilot Training Webinar - January 8, 2010


Preparing Workers Webquests

Preparing Workers Topic to be Explored
Title of WebQuest
Career Interest Inventories
Building the Olympic Village
Math, Problem-Solving, Personal Finance
What Can I Afford?
Math, Problem-Solving
The Retirement Party
Math, Problem-Solving
Understanding Your Paycheck
Time Management
So Much to Do, So Little Time!

Preparing Workers Video Clips

An added activity to accompany "Making the Most of a Job" workbook materials
Workbook with Scenarios

NWRC profile of what new workers in entry level jobs need to be able to do well enough to successfully carry out critical tasks.
Jane and Nancy:
" The Interview"
Acquire and Use Information
Terry and Gordon:
"The Copy Machine"
Gretchen and Sonya:
"The In-Laws"
Alex and Michael:
"Henry’s Missing"
Use Systems
Roberto and Lauren:
"The Sloppy Mess"
Use Systems

Lauren and Kendrick:
"Hazard in the Break Room"

Use Systems
Sonya and Jack:
"Jack’s Bad Day"
Work with Others
Alex and Michael:
"Finally, Someone noticed!"
Know How to Learn